Rhongasm Flirtation

Grenache 60%, Syrah 30%, Mouvèdre 10%

This classic GSM blend has benefited from the Incredibly favorable 2010 vintage for its launch.

Harvested ot full maturity, the destemmed grapes spend a total of 20 to 22 days in maceration in concrete tanks. The grapes at\re then blended before the final stage of malolactic fermentation.

Tasting notes:

this blend embodies aromas of dark forest fruits, raspberry liqueur, and soft spices. The palate is soft and round; the finale long and intense with floral notes of violet andlilly flower. The overall inpression is one of balance and freshness.

Best enjoyed at
16 to 16 C, 52 to 65 F
Keeps for 4-6 yars