Rhongasm Revelation

Grenache blanc 80%, Roussanne 20%

This blend typifies the 2011 characteristics: mid summer and sufficient hydric conditions that provide a wealth of phenolic and aromatic maturity without excessive levels of sugar.

Harvested between the 7th and 15th of September, full berries are
pressed in a pneumatic pressing device, then fermented in stainless stell for the Grenache Blanc, and in barrels of Sauternes origin for theRoussanne.

Tasting notes:

this blen embodies aromas of citrus, white fruit and apricot, as well as floral notes of elderflower. The palate is full, but is freshness and minerality provide a tonic feel for a perfect palate finish.

Best enjoyed at
11 to 13 C, 52 to 56 F
Keeps for 2 yars