The Rhôngasm Concept

Rhôngasm was designed to showcase the exquisite wines of Rhône. The renowned winemakers, wine consultants and sommeliers behind Rhôngasm were brought together by a mutual dream: to share the divinity of Rhône wines with the world.

What “Rhôngasm” Means

Sipping a high-quality Rhône wine is an experience that envelops your soul, body and mind. Rhôngasm is the expression that describes this exquisite experience. Anyone who has sipped a Rhôngasm wine will attest to the divinity and uniqueness of this experience.

SLK’s Vision for the Rhôngasm Series

The vision of SLK Production when creating the Rhôngasm series was to create fun wines that everyone could enjoy. Wines affordable enough to drink every day, without sacrificing flavor or quality. Wines for people on a beer budget with champagne taste. Wines you bring to dinner and your hosts rave for daysafterward.

Rhôngasm is not just a brand – it’s a statement.

The Location of Rhôngasm Production

The making of the Rhôngasm series is not limited to one region or a single estate. While the first release came from a single estate, future releases are already maturing in barrels in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Production of Rhôngasm wines in the northern Rhône region is also planned for the near future.