In the southernmost tip of the Rhône valley, nestled on a bed of Silica pebble stones and surrounded by olive trees, lie the vineyards of Château Mas Neuf. Uniquely situated near Provence and the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean breeze sweeps inland, generating warm days, cool nights, and dewy mornings—the perfect climatic conditions for making exceptional wines. It is here that SLK Productions chose to make their wines.

The criteria were simple: A fun wine on a Beer budget with Champagne taste. Wine affordable enough to drink every day while still impressing your palate. Wine you bring to dinner and your hosts rave about for days afterward. Or simply, wine SLK was proud to put their names on.

SLK Productions is comprised of Wine Industry experts Kelly McAuliffe and Sébastien Gavillet (international wine judges, sommeliers, and wine/winery consultants) and winemaker and gourmand Luc Baudet from Château Mas Neuf (2009 – Armonio: 93 pts WA).

At first sip of an SLK wine, the perfect synergy of wine sommelier expertise and winemaking talent is clear. They now invite you to join the many which have taken SLK wines into their homes and restaurants, making these exceptional wines part of their dining rituals.